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This is trial version. all are the same. he is a highschool student in Thailand. This lovely boy is also the student in Thailand ...he said.  when i was young!  he is very young now , i'm sure!!!

from Morocco!!! can you read this?  his name is Khalid

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This is Maymama's car. Toyota Estima Emina This is the back of my car! i hide some pics (including mine) somewhere in this page! please try to find them if you have time!
This is from Mexico. Mozart7 is his name! He is 22 now. he has 6 brothers and sisters. and he is the youngest! and if you find the point, before click it, please read the comment!
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This is Sherif lives in Egypt. He is a professour of Japanese famous university. He can speak Japanese, the first time he came to Japan is 15 years ago. various photos
mainly may's photos

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This is Dan with his wife Patricia. He lives in an island north of Seatle. there are 5000 people, and there is no traffic signal! It is very pleasant season now.

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This is my icq friend. at first i thought it is a lady, but when i opened the pic, there is an angel!!! of course it is my misunderstanding, sorry aorum_1! He lived in Japan once. and now he lives in England.

Bill's Page
this is Bill's page. please visit there, he lives in Scotland with his wife Janis!
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