put on your mouse to these illusts!

this is the world map, but I think you feel strange that you've never seen such map before.
I think on your map, Japan is on the right side!
this is the world map, as you know.
but this is very rough map.(There are many many island in Japan, but here I can't show you them.)
and you can find Japan! @
this is Japan. very very rough irust!
this is Yokohama, where I (maymama) live. I was born here.
I will point somewhere by and by!
This is the first day.
I made my homepage in Japanese only three months ago.
So, there are many many mistakes here, I think.
Next time I want to tell you about my town.
I live in Yokohama, near Tokyo (the capital of Japan).@
I will show you Japanese map and point Yokohama next change of this page.
I was very surprised that almost nobody knows Yokohama when I asked on ICQ.
Probably Japan is very small country and that is why not so many people knows about Japan.

Today, I introduce myself.
I am a witch as you know lol :o)
my sons are 21/18/14 and I am only 147cm high and thin, so you can imagine Maymama's image.

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