He plays the guitar!!!

Who is she???
this is me and my mother. not my wife!

Do you know the name of the sea? It is the Red Sea. It was in the Red-Sea, town called "Aurgada"
Maymama asked me "Is the Red Sea really red?"
and this is my answer!
Looooool, sure no..it is blue.
But cause of the rocks in its buttom she looks in many places red... I think

*** profile ***

live in Cairo, Egypt
single 46
Life style : Love you alllllllllllllllll
..... tell the truth he is very buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusy man!!! ....from maymama...
Music : Rock, Reggae, Country, Chords & Notes
Work : Pc's Tech. Supervisor
Language : English, Arabic, Spanish
Name : EG...means EGYPT....Pharo...means PHaro..lol.
My real name is Hany
time difference : 7 hours ( now summer time and the difference is 6 hours)

Don't Ever Say......"NO".....Before You Try......."IT"

we talked about the summer time system.
I know only this system, but maymama doesn't know the system.
I think it is a good system. Why don't you use this system???

did you see this one before?
now my car is made in Germany,
but last car was Honda!
Can you see the number plate?
It is : 127492....Private Cairo
Up is alph: Private Cairo....., down is a No.

this is EGPharo's mail-address send me mail!!!

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