*** this is Yvonne's room ***

Yvonne lives in Sweden!
She is 40,engaged,has 2 children,
and she lives in the north of sweden.

this room is to fly to her homepage.
her room is in Swedish only,
so at first read this comment before click the address!

if you click the address, there will be a lady by lakeside.
she is Yvonne! and the beautiful lake is galasea.
and you can find " om mig " at the top of the page
it's mean is " the story about me "
so after you look her picture, then click " om mig "
her childrens name are veronica and marina,
her boyfriend's name is Lars....
it is a photo in that page from her computer course,in the photo album.

this is the address! please enjoy it!
you can fly to Sweden at once!


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