the room for "HIRAGANA"

trial version...     how about this one?

try to put the cursol to the character
then the pronounciation will be appeared.

if you want more bigger   or  more smaller 
and if you want any order... then please tell me.
i will soon correct or make other pattern.
tell me anything you want.

a i u e o
ka ki ku ke ko

for example
this is "kao" means * face *
can you understand?

this is  "sho"  written by my female best friend 
and this kanji is "ryuu" means  dragon
even for many japnaese people to read this kanji is
very difficult...  sure for me too. i asked her 
" what is this ??? " 
and one more is " i ro ha ni ho he to "
to read it  is  " irowa nioedo ......"  
written by her teacher..